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The hospital uses the ASUSTOR NAS as its 21st century backup plan.

ไปหน้าข่าว   19 พฤษภาคม 2563 - 01:46

To improve the quality and safety of patients in modern hospitals Using medical databases in their networks to analyze data and artificial intelligence to develop intelligent medical services for medical information systems Also known as HIS (Healthcare / Hospital Information System), the use of HIS has become an inevitable trend in modern times. During the operation of the HIS, normal operation of the system may result in unexpected hardware and software failures. And may damage the hospital database, affecting reliability and availability.

In addition to medical data, the HIS database processes and processes large amounts of data. But not limited to the number of daily registration Pharmaceutical information Including prescriptions and hospital treatment. Every day the hospital generates new data and the generated data can be up to 300 GB which needs a reliable solution to store all the data.

The hospital found that after buying AS6212RD and connected to the internal network They define the corresponding IP address. Install the Avatar client on the server that needs to be backed up. Setting up backup and disaster recovery, they found that the AS6212RD was beyond their expectations and was able to support their needs well. Can improve the hospital efficiency and medical quality even better


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