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Delta PSU


About Us Delta PSU

DeltaPSU (Power Supply Unit) is another quality product that PT Automation is a distributor. Delta Electronics Group is a multi-billion dollar global company and a world-class manufacturer of electrical equipment. That is active in the industry Medical and electronics devices For more than 40 years, Delta has been recognized and trusted by many of the leading partners on the Fortune® 500 list. These companies have all expectations of technology. The best quality and reliability From various awards In the industry And expanding the customer base for decades Which is a confirmation of Delta's continuous growth as well. In 2008, Delta introduced its own standard power supply units (PSU) brands, offering world-class technology and quality to customers and partners. And in this product group, PT Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a distributor To complement the Solution Industrial for our business partners as well. For more infomation please contact PT Automation Delta Standard Power Supplies, DIN Rail Power Supply

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