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Every Challenge is an Opportunity – COVID-19: Reshaping a New Future in Turbulent Times

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Every Challenge is an Opportunity – COVID-19: Reshaping a New Future in Turbulent Times

Facing the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners must rethink the possibility of operational transformation. First, in response to the impact of social distancing on operations and budget cuts, companies must improve their internal operating efficiency and productivity. Second, enterprises need to accelerate the digitization of their services to fight against the pandemic and develop new business models by differentiating their services to bring value, exceed customer expectations, and thus bring the company to the next milestone.


Accelerating the network implementation is a prerequisite and necessary task for various digital transformations. However, engineers often have to deal with the complicated interfaces and communication protocols of traditional equipment when introducing digitalization. With nearly 35 years of experience in enabling connectivity in industrial fields with our easy-to-use and reliable solutions, we are ready to help you enable IIoT connectivity of the future – simply and easily.


Enabling Connectivity is Always Simple with Moxa

For more than 30 years, Moxa has enabled connectivity in the automation industry with our easy-to-use and reliable solutions. To continue this trend, we are ready to help you enable IIoT connectivity of the future – simply and easily. Even while social distancing is a general policy for dealing with COVID-19, with Moxa’s serial-to-Ethernet solutions, there are no boundaries between your team and your equipment.

Connecting Serial Devices is Easier Than You Think

With Moxa, connecting your serial devices is easier than you think. We offer easy-to-use solutions to make sure all kinds of serial devices can be connected to an Ethernet-based network or to the cloud. Moreover, our enhanced security features and mass device management tools make the lives of engineers easy during system operation.

1. Serial to Ethernet

When using the right solution, getting multiple types and a large number of serial devices connected can be easy. With our more than 30 years of expertise in serial connectivity, we simplify your serial-to-Ethernet solutions.

Bring Serial Devices to the Next Milestone

NPort serial device servers digitize your legacy devices for automation of the future

Break Language and Interface Barriers

Our patented fieldbus-to-Ethernet MGate gateways support conversion for multiple industrial protocols and are and easy-to-configure tool for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Expand Edge Connectivity Territory

Moxa I/Os can facilitate faster responses with push technology. The easy-to-control logic configuration tool supports multiple OT/IT protocols to realize a range of IIoT applications.

2. Serial to Cloud

Enabling cloud connectivity is not only beneficial, but also easy. Moxa’s serial device servers NPort IA5000A-I/O, NPort IAW5000A-I/O, and protocol gateways MGate 5105-MB-EIP are ready-to-run connectivity solutions that easily bring your field data to cloud systems. Check out our video to learn more.

3. Device Security

We work in an always-on digital world where we are connected every minute of the day. Companies' profits are closely linked to effective security practices enforced by their employees. While devices come with certain security features, many operators are not sure what functions they should implement to protect their systems. See the cyberhygiene precautions that safeguard your systems.

4. Device Management

The days of headaches over managing a large number of devices are over. Moxa has mass device management tools that ease your pain. Tools such as MXconfig, an intuitive network configuration tool, or MCC, a CLI configuration tool, can meet any device management requirement that your system might have. Check out our video to learn more.

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