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Panel Mount PMH Series

Product Feature

  • Household appliance approvals IEC/EN 60335-1, IEC/EN 61558-1 and IEC/EN 61558-2-16
  • Universal AC input voltage
  • Full power from -20°C to +50°C operation @ 5000m or 16400 ft. altitude
  • Full corrosion resistant aluminium casing
  • No load power consumption < 0.5W
  • High MTBF > 700,000 hrs as per Telcordia SR-332
  • Versatile connector options available: IP20, Front Face and Harness connectors

Output Voltage


Output Power


Output Current


Input Voltage Range


Dimensions (L x W x H)

158 x 97 x 38 mm

6.22” x 3.82” x 1.50”

Unit Weight

0.43 kg (0.95 lb)


Output Current4.16A
Output Voltage24V
Output Voltage Adjustment Range22-28Vdc
Output Power100W
Line Regulation< 0.5% (@ 85-264Vac input, 100% load)
Load Regulation< 0.5% (@ 85-264Vac input, 0-100% load)
PARD< 100mVpp
Start-up Time< 1300ms @ 100Vac (100% load)
< 750ms @ 240Vac (100% load)
Hold-up Time> 15ms @ 115Vac, > 100ms @ 230Vac (100% load)
Dynamic Response (Overshoot & Undershoot O/P Voltage)± 5% @ 85-264Vac input, 0-100% load
(Slew Rate: 0.1A/μS, 50% duty cycle @ 5Hz to 100Hz)
Start-up with Capacitive Loads8,000μF Max
Rise Time< 20ms @ nominal input (@ -20°C to 70°C)
< 30ms @ nominal input (@ < -20°C to -30°C)


Input Voltage100-240Vac
Input Voltage Range85-264Vac
Nominal Input Frequency50-60Hz
Input Frequency Range47-63Hz
Nominal DC Input Voltage125-250Vdc
DC Input Voltage Range120-375Vdc
Input Current< 1.90A @ 115Vac, < 1.00A @ 230Vac
Efficiency at 100% load> 87.0% @ 115Vac, > 89.0% @ 230Vac
Max Inrush Current< 50A @ 115Vac, < 100A @ 230Vac
Leakage Current< 1.2mA @ 240Vac
Max Power Dissipation0% load: < 0.5W @ 115Vac & 230Vac
100% load: 15.0W typ. @ 115Vac & 12.2W typ. @ 230Vac


Case Chassis / CoverAluminium
Cooling SystemConvection
Unit Weight0.43 kg (0.95 lb)
Dimensions158 x 97 x 38 mm
6.22” x 3.82” x 1.50”


Operating Temperature-30°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Power De-rating-20°C to -30°C de-rate power by 2.0% / °C
> 50°C de-rate power by 2.5% / °C
Operating Humidity5 to 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Shock Test (Non-Operating)IEC 60068-2-27, 30G (300m/S²) for a duration of 18ms,
1 times per direction, 2 times in total
Vibration Test (Non-Operating)IEC 60068-2-6, 10Hz to 150Hz @ 50m/S² (5G peak);
displacement of 0.35mm; 20 min per axis for all X, Y, Z direction
Operating Altitude0 to 5,000 Meters (16,400 ft.)
Pollution Degree2
Bump Test (Operating)IEC 60068-2-29, 10G (100m/S²) for a duration of 11ms,1000 times per direction, 6000 times in total
Over Voltage CategoryII


Overvoltage28.8-35.2V range, Hiccup Mode,
Non-Latching (Auto-Recovery)
Overload / Overcurrent> 120% of rated load current, Hiccup Mode,
Non-Latching (Auto recovery)
Over Temperature< 75°C Surrounding Air Temperature @ 100% load,
Non-Latching (Auto-recovery)
Short CircuitHiccup Mode, Non-Latching
(Auto-recovery when the fault is removed)
Degree of ProtectionIP20 (PMH-24V100WC☐U and PMH-24V100WC☐J)
Protection Against ShockClass I with Primary Earth connection


MTBF> 700,000 hrs, as per Telcordia SR-332
I/P: 115Vac, O/P: 100% load, Ta: 25°C
Expected Cap Life Time10 years (115Vac & 230Vac, 50% load @ 40°C)


Electrical SafetySIQ Bauart: EN 60950-1, EN 60335-1, EN 61558-1, EN 61558-2-16
UL/cUL recognized: UL 60950-1 and CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1 (File No. E191395)
CB scheme: IEC 60950-1, IEC 60335-1, IEC 61558-1, IEC 61558-2-16
CEIn conformance with EMC Directive 2014/30/EU and Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
Galvanic IsolationInput to Output: 4.2KVac
Input to Ground: 1.5KVac
Output to Ground: Output non-isolated to PE (common pins connect to PE)
Safety Entry Low VoltageOutput non-isolated to PE: PELV (EN 60335), SELV (EN 60950)
Output isolated to PE: SELV (EN 60335), SELV (EN 60950)
Material and PartsRoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Compliant


Emission(CE & RE)
CISPR 32, EN 55032, FCC Title 47: Class B,
EN 55014-1, EN 61000-6-3
ImmunityEN 55024, EN 61000-6-1, EN 55014-2
Harmonic Current EmissionsIEC/EN 61000-3-2, Class A
Voltage Fluctuation and FlickerIEC/EN 61000-3-3
Name Type Version Release Date
PMH-24V100WCAS Datasheet Datasheet V1.0 09 June 2020

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